2009-10 Round 14

HO Indy 500 - South Shore Superspeedway

Round 14 of 14

April 10, 2010

Weather: 70 - Partly cloudy


The HO Indy 500

WHAT: The HO Indy 500

WHERE: St. Francis, Wisconsin, South Shore Superspeedway

WHEN: Saturday, April 10, 2010 10am

U.S. TELEVISION SCHEDULE: YouTube.com, http://www.indyslotcarseries.com

2009 CHAMPION: Chris Spehert

2009 POLESITTER: Mike Fitzlaff

TRACK LAYOUT: Super Speedway Oval

RACE LENGTH: 1,000 laps

TRACK RECORDS: Qualifying –2009, Mark Walczak, 8.352 Fast Lap-2008, Mike Fitzlaff, 1.969 Time of Race- 2008, Mark Walczak, 40:51.711

RACE ROUND: 14 of 14 in the 2009-2010 IndySlotCar Series


Chris Spehert would survive a crash filled 500 to claim his second 500 win in 6 years. Mike Fitzlaff, would set the fastest time among the club cars to claim the pole for the race. Both Mike and Ev Kamikawa would advance to the finals from the first heat of the night. In the second heat both Chris Spehert and the defending race winner and new champion Mark Walczak would both advance.

In the finals, Mike Fitzlaff would jump out to any early lead followed by Walczak, Spehert, and then Kamikawa. In moments lapse of concentration Walczak would find himself out of the race, and all hopes of tying Larry Rotter for most wins in a season, and being the first back to back winner of the 500 went out the window. Ev Kamikawa would follow Walczak out of the race in turn four 140 laps later. For the second consecutive year, in the same corner made Kamikawa complain that the walls needed to be reinstalled in turn four. Just after halfway Mike Fitzlaff would find the floor while getting ready to make his pit stop. This left Chris Spehert to gather just enough laps to pass Fitzlaff and gain his second 500 title.

The win made Chris just the fourth multiple winner of the 500. Pole sitter Mike Fitzlaff the most dominate car on the day would finish second. Ev Kamikawa finished third with Mark Walczak rounding out the final four. Rookie Mike Lack would finish in fifth place, followed by Larry Rotter, rookie John Wiedemann and Dan Margetta. Amy Butler was the odd driver out, as she was bumped out by teammate Mark Walczak. This left Amy to hold auditions for new teammates for next season. Matt Hayek would finish tenth, Tom Spehert eleventh, Andy Spehert would finish twelfth and win the consi race, while Mike Kristof Would round out the field in thirteenth.

THE HO INDY 500 HISTORY (15 events, 1994 - Present)

Year Race Winner

1994 Phil Cianciola

1995 John Shea

1996 Dave Austin

1997 Ev Kamikawa

1998 Jim Kaehny

1999 Phil Marich

2000 Phil Cianciola

2001 Jim Kaehny

2002 Ev Kamikawa

2003 Larry Rotter

2004 Chris Spehert

2005 Dan Margetta

2006 Ev Kamikawa South Shore Superspeedway

2007 Jim Iverson

2008 Mark Walczak

2009 Chris Spehert

2010 ?????????????

Top Stories

With Mark Walczak wrapping up the Husarsbilt Cup for the second consecutive season, attentions turn to who will round out the podium for the year. Mike Lack, Ev Kamikawa and John Wiedemann all have a shot at finishing in the top three. While Dan Margetta and Mike Fitzlaff will battle for fifth place. Ev Kamikawa is looking to win his fourth win of the season, all of them have come in the oval events this year. Tony Perkins returns from China to end the longest losing streak in the series.

Stats Watch

The win by Mark Walczak was the 22nd of his career

The pole by Walczak was the 23rd of his career

Walczak collected his 44th career heat win

-Mike Lack collected his 15th career heat win good for a tie for 13th all time

-John Wiedemann collected his 7th career heat win

The finals appearance by Walczak was his 50th of his career

-Mike Fitzlaff made his 35th career finals appearance

-Mike Lack made his 16th career finals appearance

-John Wiedemann made his 8th career finals appearance, good for 21st all time

John Wiedemann moved into 22nd place all time on the laps completed list

John Wiedemann moved into a tie for 25th all time on the DNF list with 3 career DNFs