2015-16 Round 4

Slots A' Fun 400 - Stardust Speedway - Vegas

October 13, 2015

Round 4 of 16

2015 Slots-A-Fun 400

De Lady Win!!!

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By: Sergio

[editing from indyslotcar.com]

L[a]ost Vegass—I see it wit my own eyzes by dey no believe it da lady win de Indy Slu[o]t Car Series Slu[o]ts A’ Fun 400 race on da Thursday nite at da Stardust Speedway.

Da lady [Amy Butler] she is so lovely she should know be driving the vroom vroom fast car she should be at home making da babies. They make da Sergio stay wea[e]k extra cuz of da Haboob and de lightning storms and the lights going out. But de wait was worth the wait cuz de Sergio get to see da lady [Amy Butler] extra long time and she so lovely. She [Amy Butler] make her final by finishing most laps of dos not winners and den she win my hart and den she kick der but in the main event. Da Dean Strom guy come out of de slu[o]t while he run second. I know no like him. He tinks the lovely lady like him but she really have da eyes for de Sergio. He try to be so smooth but he just anoy da lady and da Sergio. Dey say he finish forth.

Da new guy da one wit hair he finish third. The press tell de Sergio dat it was his second final race in de row. Everybody say how good he doing. I say if he doing so good how come he know no win the final race. When de Sergio see him he in da green lane and he go really slow even da annoying guy pass him. De annoying guyz partner finish second. He say he race for MaD Motorsports but de Sergio just say he MaD for have partner with annoying guy although the Sergio ask is it not wrong dat they have partners not dat its wrong.

De lovely lady [Amy Butler] win da final race by 12 laps and dat a lot. Everyone cheer and the man on da microphone say it waz her first win since de 2007 and her first win of da year and dat even make de Sergio happy cuz she so lovely.

One man no so happy was de Dan Margetta. He say he eat da checkered flag if da lady [Amy Butler] win and she did so da loud mouth have to stick da flag in his large yap and chew. He say it taste no so good. Butt dat the loud manz own falt fer making such a dumb saying. Everyboby no da lady is fast and she win da racz just like she win de Sergio hart oh I said dat already. Why da Dan make such dumb saying.

John Wiedemann da teammate of da lady [Amy Butler] finish in the fifth spot one spot out of final race. Da commish Mike Kristof finish in da 6 spot da highest finish of his Target Fitz-Ganassi Racing team. Mike Lack miss his first final race of da season and he finish the order in da seventh but he still have point lead by 14 points over dat little guy da de Sergio no like. And de Mr Mike da fastest of da qualifying. Loud mouth Dan finish 8. It showz him he should just race and no make loud mouth sayings.

Da man dey call da Boiler Tom Spehert finish da 9th witch was one spot in front of his teammate Pete Dorn da rookie wit no hair. Sergio like him. He quiet and he respect the Sergio luv for the ladeez. All Though da pit man say dat the Lovely Lady [Amy Butler] like da no hair so maybe I no know like him so much if he come between her and me.

Mike Fitzlaff he struggle wit da fast car and da slut in da yellow lane and he finish 11. Chris Spehert was also so fast until he came out of da slut a lot of da times. He finish twelvth.

Dey not let da Ev Kamikawa race cuz dey say he to slow da week befor in da qualify. I feel know so happy cuz de Sergio like him he so nice and funny. De Sergio hear dem say he heck of a nice guy.

The Indy Slu[o]t Car Series race next at Halloween race on Thursday at Quarry Heights but da Sergio no go to dat race cuz da last time he was der some guy wit long hair say he da Sergio luv child and everybody no dat de Sergio no no make da luv child cuz he protect himselve at alltimes.

Slots A' Fun 400 Postponed Til Thursday

Vegas – Power issues, a desert lightning sandstorm, roaming desperados, a slight outbreak of ebola, airplanes on fire, overfull bordello ranches on the outskirts of the track, varmints and a multitude of snacks wreaked havoc on the Stardust Speedway Thursday evening forcing the racing portion of the IndySlotCar Series Slots A'Fun 400 to be postponed for a week.

The event seemed to get started on the right track as contenders assembled at the RJ Foyt Motel, with brand new carpet that matches the drapes, for the drivers meeting. Thirteen drivers signed up to contest the race and four rounds of practice went off without a hitch.

Qualifying was next on the schedule and that is where the problems started. With one too many drivers available to fill the twelve positions in the heat races, qualification laps meant more than usual as one racer would be left out of the racing fun. Surprisingly, the Spehert Autosport rookies Bill Black and Pete Dorn were able to post solid runs during their four lap runs and it was Penske HO driver Ev Kamikawa, with 258 IndySlotCar series starts in his career, that struggled with a poorly handling chassis to find himself on the bottom of the field with five drivers left to run.

MaD Motorsports driver Dean Strom was next up to lay down his four qualification laps, but after seemingly completing his run, Strom was notified that the starter had not started the stopwatch. A second four lap run was completed by Strom with the same issue. After the starter was escorted off the property, Strom tried to qualify for a third time, but to no avail. This time a jackalope wandered on to the track and bit through the scoring sensors, voiding Strom's run. A fourth run was necessitated and Strom's run was finally scored for posterity, a provisional pole run. The final qualifiers, JAM Racing teammates Mike Lack and John Wiedemann both out ran Strom's time with Lack quickest and scoring his second pole of the young season.

The first heat race with Lack, Wiedemann, Strom, and Penske HO's Dan Margetta was attempted to be run, but after two tries power issues, a desert lightning sandstorm, roaming desperados, a slight outbreak of ebola, overfull bordello ranches on the outskirts of the track and a multitude of snacks deemed the race unable to be run.

With a week to clean up the mess, the RJ Foyt Racetracks Enterprises Inc. staff promises to have the heat races and Slots A' Fun 400 finale ready to go next Thursday.

Along with reduced ticket prices, Stardust Speedway has introduced a "Perfect Race Guarantee." The all-new policy offers fans options in the event that inclement weather, overfull bordello ranches, roaming desperados/scientologists, illness or varmints prevents them from attending the race. If any of these issues postpone the day's activities to a different day and fans are unable to attend on the rescheduled date, fans who do not enter the admission gates on the day the event is held will receive an account credit for the full price of their tickets. Credits can be applied to any future Stardust Speedway event or RJ Foyt Wedding Chapel activities.



WHAT: Slots A Fun 400

WHERE: Greendale, WI

WHEN: Thursday, October 15, 2015 7pm


2014 CHAMPION: Matt Hayek

2014 POLESITTER: Matt Hayek


RACE LENGTH: 400 laps

EVENT RECORDS: Qualifying – 2014 – Matt Hayek – 8.497

Race – Mar 2013 – Dean Strom – 18:02.456

Fast Lap – 2013 – Matt Hayek – 1.696

Margin of Victory – Closest – 2014 - Matt Hayek – 1 lap; Largest – 2012 - Mark Walczak – 9 laps

RACE ROUND: 4 of 16 in the 2015-2016 IndySlotCar Series


(Vega$) -- Matt Hayek is perfect for his efforts in the 2014-15 season winning both races he's entered, with a convincing win at the Slots A' Fun 400 at Stardust Speedway Thursday. Hayek won the opening round of the season at the Deckertring, missing the last race at the Lack Track, but leaving him two for two in his starts this season.

Out of the Box Racing's Hayek showed that his time off didn't affect his driving as he stormed to the pole by three tenths of a second over Mike Lack, his closest challenger. The pole win was the sixth of Hayek's career, tying for fourteenth all-time in the series.

With a solid field contesting Round 3 in the IndySlotCar season, three heat races were needed to determine the field for the Slots A' Fun 400. Lack took the opening heat race victory over Lack Wiedemann Motorsports teammate John Wiedemann. Heat race number two went to Hayek and Penske HO driver Ev Kamikawa captured the third heat race for his 79th of his career and moving him to number two all-time in series Heat Race wins. Wiedemann held on to the transfer spot, out distancing Burgetta Racing's Amy Butler by just two laps.

With quick two second laps being laid down, the feature race started with fierce competition. Hayek, Lack and Kamikawa exchanged the lead early while Wiedemann struggled in the inside lane. Lack led early but after lane changes and pitstops for the second half of the race, the battle was on between Kamikawa and Hayek. Most drivers pitted quickly and quietly with no major incidents involving any of the drivers. Only Kamikawa struggled with a slow stop. As the field raced to the finish, Hayek rode the high line around the track and lapped the field with Kamikawa trying to hold on to the lead. A couple of incidents in the turns involved all three top driver as Hayek worked to overtake the leader. With time running out, Hayek overtook Kamikawa for the lead and pulled out to a lap lead over Kamikawa when the checkers flew.

The second win of the season was the fifth of Hayek's career and third oval victory for the two time HO Indy 500 winner. The victory for Hayek moves him up into second place in the standings. Lack remains at the top in first place with Kamikawa and Wiedemann tied for third.

SLOTS A FUN HISTORY (3 events, 2013 - Present)

Year Race Winner

10/5/2012 Mark Walczak

10/10/2013 Mike Lack

10/16/2014 Matt Hayek

Top Stories

n Mike Lack reasserted his dominance at the West Bend Grand Prix with a convincing win that places him atop the Husarsbilt Cup championship points standings in defense of his back-to-back titles.

n Rookie Bill Black made his first career final at the West Bend GP, out of the Spehert Autosport stable.

Who’s Hot

n Mike Lack with two second places and a win in the first three races.

n Lack’s JAM Racing teammate John Weidemann and the two MaD Motorsports drivers: Matt Hayek and Dean Strom have made two of the first three finals.

Stats Watch

n Mike Lack moves into seventh on the all-time wins list with the victory at the Lack Track, he now has 18, five behind sixth place Hall of Famer Jim Kaehny.

n John Wiedemann’s heat race win at the WBGP moves him ahead of Dean Strom on the all-time heat wins list with 33, good for 11th place.

n Bill Black’s heat win makes him the 28th driver in series history to take a heat and the 35th different driver to appear in a final.

n Tom Spehert moves into seventh on the all-time laps list, just a few hundred shy of 30,000 for his career.

n While Matt Hayek jumps into 16th passing John Shea with 18,924 circuits, at the same time he has equaled Jim Iverson for starts with 110, also good for 16th on that list.