2018-19 Round 16

HO Indy 500 - South Shore Superspeedway - St. Francis, WI

April 13, 2019

Round 16 of 16

2019 HO Indy 500

HO Indy 500 fast facts

Race date: Saturday, Apr 13

Track: South Shore Superspeedway, 2.5 mile oval

Race distance: 1000 laps

Entry List: HO Indy 500

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2018 race winner: Mike Fitzlaff (No. 34 Wellbox Dallara-Honda)

2018 P1 Award winner: Mike Fitzlaff (No. 34 Wellbox Dallara-Honda), 9.376 seconds

Qualifying record: Ev Kamikawa, 8.933 seconds, 2015, Single Lap: Dan Margetta, 2.183 seconds, 2013

Race record: Mike Fitzlaff, 40 minutes, 26 seconds, 2018

YouTube Broadcast: IndySlotCar Channel

At-track schedule (all times local):

11:00 – Driver introductions

11:10 – Chassis distribution/Drivers meeting

11:15 – IndySlotCar Series Practice

11:35 – Qualifying for the IndySlotCar 25th Anniversary cap P1 Award (single car, four lap total time qualifying)

12:45 – Heat Races

1:15 – HO Indy 500

Race Notes:

· Five drivers enter the HO Indy 500 mathematically eligible to win the Husarsbilt Cup, but Pete Dorn and Mike Kristof could only have a chance if the top three, Ev Kamikawa, John Wiedemann and Mike Lack didn’t show up. Lack enters the race 18 points ahead of Kamikawa and 25 over Wiedemann.

· Qualifying points have been significantly reduced from past seasons, pole is now worth 9, second 8, etc. As always the race points are doubled with 100 for a win, 80 for second, 70 for third, 64 for fourth. A chart will be published with the points possibilities for the top three.

· Mike Fitzlaff became the sixth two-time HO Indy 500 last year, only Ev Kamikawa has won more, with four.

· In addition to the championship battle, there are fights for fourth: Pete Dorn is three points up on Mike Kristof, for sixth: Dean Strom leads Matt Hayek by two points and rookie Joe Heitz leads Mike Fitzlaff by 11 for 11th place.

· Joe Heitz has a streak of four straight DNFs.

· John Wiedemann moved into eighth place in Finals appearances with 85 all-time.

HO INDY 500 HISTORY (25 events, 1994 - Present)

Date Race Winner Track

5/19/1994 Phil Cianciola Shrine Road Course

5/18/1995 John Shea Edgewood “The Edge” Superspeedway

5/18/1996 Dave Austin

4/26/1997 Ev Kamikawa

4/18/1998 Jim Kaehny

4/17/1999 Phil Marich

4/15/2000 Phil Cianciola

4/21/2001 Jim Kaehny

4/12/2002 Ev Kamikawa

4/13/2003 Larry Rotter

4/17/2004 Chris Spehert

4/9/2005 Dan Margetta

4/18/2006 Ev Kamikawa South Shore Superspeedway

4/14/2007 Jim Iverson

4/12/2008 Mark Walczak

4/18/2009 Chris Spehert

4/10/2010 Matt Hayek

4/9/2011 Matt Hayek

4/14/2012 Ev Kamikawa

4/13/2013 Mike Fitzlaff

4/5/2014 John Wiedemann

4/11/2015 Mike Kristof

4/9/2016 John Wiedemann

4/8/2017 Mike Lack

4/7/2018 Mike Fitzlaff

Most Wins – 4-Ev Kamikawa; 2-Mike Fitzlaff, John Wiedemann, Matt Hayek, Chris Spehert, Jim Kaehny, Phil Cianciola