2009-10 Round 5

Turkey Trot - Road Course at South Shore Superspeedway

Round 5 of 14

November 12, 2009

Turkey Trot 2009


The Turkey Trot

WHAT: The Turkey Trot (de-slot rules race)

WHERE: St. Francis, WI

WHEN: Thursday, November 12, 2009 7pm

U.S. TELEVISION SCHEDULE: You Tube, IndySlotCar website

2008 CHAMPION: Mark Walczak

2008 POLESITTER: Mark Walczak

TRACK LAYOUT: Road course

RACE LENGTH: 20 minutes

TRACK RECORDS: Qualifying – 2008-Mark Walczak 38.977

Race – 2008-Mark Walczak 302 Laps

Fast Lap – 2008-Mark Walczak 2.852

RACE ROUND: 5 of 15 in the 2009-2010 IndySlotCar Series


History was on the line at the Road Course at South Shore Superspeedway, as Mark Walczak had a chance to win his fourth consecutive race. He had already tied Ev Kamikawa and Phil Cianciola as the only drivers to win three consecutive races. It started great for Walczak as he placed his car on the pole.

In the first heat race Larry Rotter and Tom Spehert went head to head for the entire race length swapping the lead multiple times, while John Wiedemann and Andy Spehert both collected their three de-slots allowed and had to retire from the race. In the end it would be Larry Rotter getting the win by one lap over Spehert. Tom would have to sit and wait to see if he had gathered enough laps to make the transfer spot in to the finals.

Heat two was a BMW Racing shootout as Amy Butler and teammate Dan Margetta would spent the first half swapping the lead, while Ev Kamikawa who collided with Margetta multiple times collected his third de-slot. The second half of the race saw Mike Kristof retire from the race. A few handling issues on Butler’s car got her two quick de-slots. In the final minute Amy Butler collected her final de-slot trying to surpass Tom Spehert’s lap total.

The final heat race of the night saw Mike Fitzlaff jump out to a six lap lead over pole sitter Walczak, and he seemed to be on cruise control until the second half of the race when he had all three de-slots in quick succession. This left Walczak alone out front to cruise into the final. Attentions turned to Dean Strom, who was on pace to eclipse Tom Spehert, tried to pass Walczak in the hairpin, and got aero loose and found himself on the outside looking in. Rookie Mike Lack using a slower methodical drive passed Tom Spehert’s total in the final 5 seconds.

The Finals began as a BMW runaway as teammates Walczak and Margetta jumped out to a thirty lap lead on Larry Rotter at the half. Walczak and Margetta would swap the lead during pit stops. Walczak would regain the lead after a few quick offs by Margetta. Eventually Dan would collect his fourth and final de-slot trying to get back some of the laps he lost. This would basically end any further threat for Walczak on his way to a new series record of four consecutive wins. Larry Rotter would finish second, fifty-two laps down, while rookie Mike Lack would round out the top three.

THE TURKEY TROT HISTORY (16 events, 1993 - Present)

Year Race Winner

1993 Phil Cianciola

1994 Dave Austin

1995 John Shea

1996 Ev Kamikawa

1997 Ev Kamikawa

1998 Jim Kaehny

1999 Ev Kamikawa

2000 Ev Kamikawa

2001 Larry Rotter

2002 Jim Iverson

2003 Jim Iverson

2004 Phil Cianciola

2005 Mark Walczak –Road Course at South Shore Superspeedway

2006 Jim Iverson

2007 Mike Fitzlaff

2008 Mark Walczak

2009 ????????????

Top Stories

Ev Kamikawa missed the finals last week on his way to an eighth place finish, allowing the rest of the field to close in on his points lead. Defending series champion Mark Walczak collected his first win of the season, once again winning from the pole. This is the only de-slot race of the year. Drivers must find a good mix of speed and car control in an effort to survive the Turkey Trot

Who’s Hot

Mike Lack has made the finals in the last three races

Ev Kamikawa has two wins in four events

John Wiedemann has made the finals in 2 of the last three races

Larry Rotter Has Made the finals in two of the four events

Mark Walczak has made the finals in two of the four events

Walczak has started from the pole in the last three events

Walczak has finished 1st or 2nd in the Turkey Trot the last four years

Stats Watch

The win by Walczak placed him in a tie with Jim Iverson for 6th all time with 17 career wins

Tom Spehert made his 31st career final good for a tie for 11th all time

-Mike Lack moved into 17th all time with his 11th career finals appearance

All time laps leader Dan Margetta surpassed 50,000 career laps

Ev Kamikawa moved into 3rd all time on the starts list with 174 career starts

-Larry Rotter moved into a tie for 4th all time with 173 career starts

-John Wiedemann moved into 26th all time with his 21st career start

-Mike Lack moved into a tie for 27th with his 20th career start