All-Time Stats/Records

Rankings of the all-time stats and records

All Time Stats

Single Season Records

Most Wins: 9-Mark Walczak - 2011-12

Most Pole Positions: 9-Phil Cianciola - 1996-97

Most Final Fours: 14-Mike Lack - 2015-16

Most Heat Wins: 12-Phil Cianciola - 2003-04; Mark Walczak - 2008-09

Most Race Laps: 5,094-Dave Austin - 1995-96

Most DNF’s: 7-Mike Kristof - 2012-13; Mike Fitzlaff - 2008-09

Most Different Winners: 10 - 2007-08


Most Wins in a Row: 4-Joe Heitz - 2022-23; Mike Lack - 2015-16; Mark Walczak - 2008-09

Most Pole Positions in a Row: 6-Phil Cianciola - 1996-97

Most Final Fours in a Row: 11-Phil Cianciola - twice (93-94 into 94-95; 2002-03)

Other Records

Most Championships: 7-Mike Lack 

Most Second Place Finishes for the Husarsbilt Cup: 6-John Wiedemann; 4-Mike Lack, Phil Cianciola; 3-Dan Margetta, Jim Kaehny

Longest gap between victories: 10 years, 337 days-Chris Spehert

Longest gap between starts: 11 years, 14 days-John Shea

Largest "Pole-to-Win" Fund: 150,000 IndySlotCar bucks - Mike Lack 9/22/22, Road Course at Badger Raceway

Most "De-slot" format wins (49 events): 7-Dan Margetta; 6-Ev Kamikawa, Mark Walczak; 5-Matt Hayek; 4-Mike Lack, Phil Cianciola; 3-John Wiedemann, Mike Fitlzlaff, Jim Iverson; 2-Larry Rotter; 1-Pete Dorn, Dean Strom, John Baas, Jim Kaehny, John Shea, Dave Austin

**as of the end of the 2021-22 season there have been 461 races