2009-10 Round 4

SportClips Grand Prix - Quarry Heights Raceway

Round 4 of 14

November 5, 2009



The Sports Clips Grand Prix

2008 CHAMPION: Mike Fitzlaff

2008 POLESITTER: Dan Margetta

TRACK LAYOUT: Permanent road course

RACE LENGTH: 20 Minutes

TRACK RECORDS: Qualifying- 2009 - Dan Margetta, 53.000

Race- 2009 – Mike Fitzlaff – 235 Laps

Fast Lap- 2009 – Mark Walczak – 4.227

RACE ROUND: 4 of 16 in the 2009-2010 Indy Slot Car Series


The series title was wrapped up for Mark Walczak when Larry Rotter failed to place his car on the pole. When that happened all Walczak had to do was qualify. With that in the bag all eyes turned toward the race event it’s self to see if Walczak could tie Rotter’s record for most wins in a season.

Dan Margetta placed his car on the pole for the second consecutive race. In The first heat race, Mike Fitzlaff and Ev Kamikawa waged a back and forth battle that that would see Fitzlaff advance to the finals by 3 laps when it was finished as Kamikawa had issues with car control in the second half.

Tom Spehert had the distinction of becoming the first driver to ever DNF at the new Quarry Heights facility while trying to take out Mike Lack allowing his brother Andy Spehert to extend his early lead. In the end it was Mike Lack pulling away to a thirteen lap lead at the final gun.

The third heat saw track owner Matt Hayek, Amy Butler, Chris Spehert, and Mike Kristof. Amy Butler would jump out to an early lead and hold it well into the second half of the race when she was collected in a three car accident with Spehert and Kristof. This and a stop and go penalty allowed Hayek to take the lead away in the final thirty seconds and advance to the finals to the delight of the Wauwatosa fans.

The final heat race of the night saw the three fastest cars in qualifying battle it out for the final spot in the final four. Newly crowned champion Mark Walczak would jump to a quick lead but Dean Strom would not let him get away to far taking the lead and for once making Walczak chase somebody down in a heat race. Half way through the race Walczak and teammate Dan Margetta were tied for the lead when the rest of the field put a bounty on Walczak’s head. Margetta would try to collect, but in the process would miss Walczak’s car and go over the wall for the second DNF of the night. Walczak would cruise in to the finals from there.

In the finals with the bounty still on his head Walczak tried to run and hide while drivers took attempts at collecting. Mike Lack tried and found himself with the third DNF of the night. Walczak held a three lap lead at the halfway point and extended it threw pit stops. Then while trying to avoid an accident Walczak would over rev his car causing a gearbox issue. He would limp around and try to hold on for the win. Mike Fitzlaff would get by for the win with Walczak second, just car lengths ahead of Matt Hayek.

The Sports Clips Grand Prix History (New Event for 2008-09 season)

Year Race Winner

2009 Spring Mike Fitzlaff

2009 Fall ????????????

Top Stories

The round four race, the Halloween Havoc 600 was cancelled when Fat Tony was arrested yet again, and the facility was sold off. Ev Kamikawa has won two of the first three events. This race has been moved to earlier slot in the season.

Stats Watch

Mike Lack’s heat win was the 9th of his career good for 16th all time

Lack’s 10th career finals appearance places him in a tie for 17th all time

-John Wiedemann’s finals appearance was his 4th good enough for 23rd all time

Ev Kamikawa moves into a tie for 3rd all time with his 173 career start

-John Wiedemann moved into a tie for 26th all time with 20 career starts

Tom Spehert moved into a four way tie for 5th all time with 25 career DNFs

-Mike Lack collected his 2nd career DNF, good for a three way tie for 25th all time

Who’s Hot

Ev Kamikawa has made the finals and won two of the three events

Mike Lack has made the finals in the last two events

John Wiedemann Has made the finals in the last two events

Larry Rotter has had 3 finishes in the top 6

Mark Walczak has had 3 finishes in the top 6

Mark Walczak has started from the pole in two of the three events