2009-10 Round 8

Walczak Birthday Classic - Walczy World

Round 8 of 14

January 21, 2010


Walczak Birthday Classic

WHAT: Walczak Birthday Classic

WHERE: West Allis, Wisconsin, Walczy World

WHEN: Thursday, January 21, 2010 7pm

U.S. TELEVISION SCHEDULE: Time Warner Cable Channel 1111, Check Listings, Google Video

September 2009 CHAMPION: Mark Walczak

September 2009 POLESITTER: Ev Kamikawa

TRACK LAYOUT: Road course

RACE LENGTH: 20 minutes

TRACK RECORDS: Qualifying – Jim Iverson, 59.984, 2008

Race –Mark Walczak, 226 Laps, 2009

Fast Lap – Mark Walczak, 4.664, 2008

RACE ROUND: 9 of 15 in the 2009-2010 HO Indy Slot Car Series


Entering the fifth round of the 2008-09 season we had three winners. Tom Spehert had won the opener, Mike Fitzlaff won round two, and Mark Walczak had won rounds three and four. Walczak entered his home event with a chance to tie a record for most consecutive wins held by Phil Cianciola and Ev Kamikawa at three. Ev Kamikawa would start the event from the pole trying to keep Walczak from joining the club.

The first heat of the night was a tag team event as Vista Racing teammates Mike Kristof and Matt Hayek took on the NHLHO team of rookies John Wiedemann and Mike Lack. The event was close as all four drivers would lead during the event. In the end it was Mike Lack taking the win by four laps over Matt Hayek. Hayek was left to watch and see if his lap total would be enough to advance to the finals via the transfer spot.

Heat two would feature three drivers from Spehert-Foyt, Mike Fitzlaff, Tom Spehert, and Chris Spehert, and RS Racing Techs Larry Rotter. The race would be between Fitzlaff and Rotter, as both Tom and Chris would struggle on the fast twisty course. Rotter would keep it close but as the event rolled on Fitzlaff would start to pull away. The only question would be can Rotter surpass the lap total of Matt Hayek? The faster pace of the second heat would push Rotter ten laps further than Hayek went, leaving Rotter to watch and wait the final heat race.

The final heat had defending race winner Dean Strom, pole sitter Ev Kamikawa, and teammates Amy Butler and Mark Walczak. Kamikawa, Butler and Walczak would all take turns out front, as the pace of the final heat would start out fast. Ev Kamikawa would go on and take the win by three laps, but eyes were on Walczak as he tried to pass Rotter’s lap total. Mark used the home track knowledge to clip Larry by two laps and advance to the finals.

In the finals, Walczak would jump out to an early lead and try to put some distance between himself and the field. With Mark out front the battle for second heated up between Fitzlaff and Kamikawa. Mike and Ev would push each other, but in doing so neither driver was able to make up the distance on Walczak who would collect his third consecutive win, and extend his points lead. Fitzlaff would finish second with Kamikawa third, and Lack rounding out the final four.

THE KRISPY KREME KLASSIC HISTORY (15 events, 1994 - Present)

Year Race Winner

1994 John Shea

1995 Dave Austin

1996 Jim Kaehny

1997 Phil Cianciola

1998 Jim Kaehny

1999 Phil Cianciola

2000 John Shea

2001 Dan Margetta

2002 Jim Kaehny

2003 Phil Cianciola

Feb 2005 Larry Rotter

Sept 2005 Tom Spehert

2006 Dan Margetta

Feb 2008 Dean Strom Walczy World

Nov 2008 Mark Walczak

2010 Mark Walczak

Top Stories

For the second time this year an event was postponed, this time the Raven 250 as the area was hit with a huge snow storm. So the Krispy Kreme Klassic starts the second half of the season. Mark Walczak holds a 18 point lead over Ev Kamikawa. Kamikawa chopped 15 points off the lead with his win in the last race the Franklinland 500, his third win of the year, all of them coming on the oval events. Is that a preview of what’s to come in the HO Indy 500 at the end of the season?

Stats Watch

-Ev Kamikawa collected his 30th career victory. 6 behind 1st place Phil Cianciola all time

-Mike lack collected his 1st career pole, which is good for a tie for 16th all time

-Chris Spehert got his 15th career heat win, good for a 12th place tie all time

-Mike Lack got his 12th career heat win , good for a 15th place tie all time

-Chris Spehert moved into 13th all time with his 19th finals appearance

-Amy Butler made her 91st career start, good for 13th all time

-Mark Walczak moved into a 15th place tie all time with 86 career starts

-Mike Lack moved into 26th place with his 23rd career start

-Mike Lack collected his 4th career DNF, good for a tie for 22nd place all time

Who’s Hot

-Mark Walczak has made the finals in 5 of the 7 events this year

-Mike Lack has made the finals in 5 of 7 events this year

-Ev Kamikawa has made the finals in 4 of 7 events this season

-Mark Walczak has won the pole in 5 of 7 events