2000-01 Standings

2000-01 Standings

SlotCART Racing Series

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 The latest news and gossip from around the series...


* M.R. Big on warpath...

The season hasn’t even begun and rookie BigTime Racing driver Ned Wicker’s job could already be in jeopardy. If you thought we were exaggerating about team owner M.R. Big’s attitude, think again. A team member sent the following message to us. It was an e-mail sent from M.R. to Wicker, blaming Wicker for the news leak to Pit Notes:


"You...you I don't need. Now Cianciola is a champion, a professional and I value having someone of his caliber on the team. Baas is the best technical man in the business, so this doesn't work without him. Now you make sure that this team runs smoothly and I don't want any problems. I want to see Cianciola and Baas smiling. You're a second rate driver and I'll gladly make sure you go back to being a second rate announcer."




* The Beatles and slot cars…

Check out the picture! Phil Cianciola’s wife Sandy was going through her old Beatles scrapbook when she came upon the magic clipping. This is from 1964, and those look like slot cars from an Eldon set.



·        Rotter Racing Scrambling…

Our informants tell us that Larry Rotter and company are scrambling to complete the new Pennzoil car. Problem is that Larry wants to paint his own version and has yet to put concept to plastic.

We also hear the new KOOL cars being designed by Jim Kaehny are all white at this time. Well, that leaves only the green part to go huh?


* No Site Updates...

As of press time, the SlotCART web site host Excite.com was having problems allowing the uploading of files and pictures, so that is why there have been no changes for a while.


(“Spring Training” this week. A release about that coming tomorrow morning)