2018-19 Standings

2018-19 Standings
Oval 2018-19
Road Course 2018-19
Hard Charger

Season Awards:

Rookie Of The Year: Joe Heitz

7 & 7 Award: Matt Hayek (for finishing 7th seven times and finishing 7th in the championship)

Sportsmanship Award: Bill Black

Hard Luck Award: John Wiedemann

Best Livery: Michael Shank-It Racing (#60 SiriusXM)

Top Chef Award: South Shore Superspeedway

Most Improved Driver: Pete Dorn

Austin Award: Mad/Mute Monk


  1. Emergence of Joe Heitz

  2. Mike Lack's 6th Husarsbilt Cup championship

  3. Amy Butler missing every race and coincidentally, Kitty Bo Peep not seen on the TV broadcast all season.