2009-10 Round 12

Deckertring Grand Prix - Deckertring

Round 12 of 14

March 18, 2010


The Deckertring Grand Prix

WHAT: The Deckertring Grand Prix

WHERE: West Allis, Wisconsin, The Deckertring

WHEN: Thursday, March 18, 2010 7pm

U.S. TELEVISION SCHEDULE: Youtube.com, Indyslotcarseries.com

2009 CHAMPION: Mark Walczak

2009 POLESITTER: Dan Margetta

TRACK LAYOUT: Permanent road course

RACE LENGTH: 20 Minutes

TRACK RECORDS: Club Cars Qualifying- 2009, Dan Margetta, 59.977

Race- 2007, Mark Walczak, 185 Laps

Fast Lap-2009, Mark Walczak, 4.500

RACE ROUND: 12 of 14 in the 2009-2010 IndySlotCar Series


Mark Walczak stormed to his seventh win of the season in thirteen events. Not even the return of two time defending champion and former teammate Jim Iverson or a full field of sixteen drivers could stop Walczak on this night.

The first heat of the night would have Ev Kamikawa, Amy Butler, Dean Strom, and Andy Spehert. The first half of the race saw Amy Butler and Ev Kamikawa battle for the lead with the lead changing hands multiple times. With the lane change made Kamikawa would take advantage of some Butler mistakes to take the win and advance to the finals. Dean Strom would slide into second, Butler would finish third, and Andy Spehert fourth.

The second heat of the night featured the big guns on the night. Pole sitter Dan Margetta, hometown hero John Shea, second in points Larry Rotter, and points leader Mark Walczak. Walczak would jump out to the early lead and never look back. Attention would turn to Margetta who would have some spectacular offs but still managed to finish second. John shea would finish third, with the fourth place finish in the heat all but locking up the season title for Walczak.

The third heat would the most competitive on the night, with all four drivers leading at different points during the race. It would come down to which driver would make the least amount of mistakes in the second half. Matt Hayek had a shot but would come up short and finish fourth. Rookie John Wiedemann put in an impressive run to finish third. It would come down to the elder statesman in the series. Tom Spehert would have one too many errors and Jim Iverson would prove that a year away from the series hadn’t diminished his skills.

The final heat race would be a battle between Mike Fitzlaff, Chris Spehert, and rookie Mike Lack. Mike Kristof would finish fourth, 5 laps behind. Chris Spehert and Mike Fitzlaff would finish two laps off the pace after the lane change, sending the rookie Mike Lack on to the finals.

In the pre-final interview Jim Iverson would apologize to the series drivers. “I feel like Dr, Frankenstein. He (Walczak) came to me as a rookie that was crashing all the time, and I gave him the benefit of all the knowledge I had and turned him into a monster and let him loose on you guys. Now am not here to defend you. I feel terrible about it.”

Those words would be right on as Walczak would jump to an early three lap lead and never look back. In the end it Walczak would win by thirteen laps over Mike Lack. Ev Kamikawa would finish third and Jim Iverson in his return would round out the field.

The Deckertring Grand Prix History (3 events 2007-present)

Year Race Winner

2007 Mark Walczak

2008 Ev Kamikawa

2009 Mark Walczak

2010 ????????????

Top Stories

Walczak extends his points lead to 38 over Ev Kamikawa and 58 over Mike Lack with three races remaining. Mike Fitzlaff collected his second win of the season. Dan Margetta was placed on probation and docked 5 points for short cutting the course in an effort ot get the win and the pole money that went with it.

Stats Watch

Chris Spehert collected his 16th career heat win, good for 12th place all time

-Mike Lack collected his 13th career heat win, good for a tie for 14th place

Chris Spehert made his 20th career finals appearance, good for 13th place all time

-Mike Lack made his 14th career finals appearance, good for a tie for 16th place

Dean Strom moved into a tie for 20th place all time on the career starts list with 46

-Matt Hayek moved into a tie for 23rd all time with 32 career starts

John Shea moved into a tie for 10th place all time with his 20th career DNF

-Matt Hayek moved into a tie for 22nd all time with his 4th career DNF

-Dean Strom Moved into a tie for 27th with his 2nd career DNF