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Dan Townsend Bell talks to Matt Hayek before the final of the Turkey Trot, is this the interview that has AER hot under the collar?

Alter Ego Racing Statement on Fake News

(Wauwatosa, WI) - The following letter was received at IndySlotCar World Headquarters this afternoon from Alter Ego Racing's president.

Alter Ego Racing Wauwatosa, WI 11/14/19

For immediate release

Alter Ego Racing has directed IndySlotCar Series Husarsbilt Cup Championship leading driver Matthew Hayek, pilot of the #15 (Gehl/Total/United Rental) Honda, not to speak to the media without legal counsel present at said interviews. Due to recent information being taken out of context by #FakeNews agencies twisting the truth, and putting Alter Ego Racing, its drivers Matthew Hayek and Dean Strom and its sponsors in a negative light. Alter Ego Racing management see no alternative to managing the message from our drivers.

Alter Ego Racing fully supports the IndySlotCar Series and it's fellow team owners and drivers, but Alter Ego Racing will not sit by and watch its driver be dragged through the mud by #FakeNews agencies that spin words to make it appear that Matthew Hayek does not respect his teammate Dean Strom or his fellow IndySlotCar Series drivers. Matthew Hayek has the utmost respect for all his fellow competitors in the IndySlotCar Series and hopes that the #FakeNews being spread does not in fact hurt that respect from his fellow drivers.

D. Jekyll,

President Alter Ego Racing


Alter Ego Racing is an evolution of Mad Motorsports featuring two dynamic driver that have been at the forefront of IndySlotCar competition over the past decade. Matt Hayek and Dean Strom have combined for over 25 wins in IndySlotCar competition including the only back-to-back wins at the HO Indy 500. Representing RLL Racing in the full-scale series, Alter Ego Racing has won numerous Best Livery Awards for the presentation of the many RLL brands including Gehl, Manitowoc, Total and United Rentals.

Hayek Domination!

(Saint Francis, WI) -- When he opened the season with a win at the Trokan Cup 500 the fans and paddock thought it was great to see a driver who had finished seventh seven times the previous season (and even won a trophy for it, the Seagram's 7 & 7up Trophy) show such resilience. When Matt Hayek won his second race at the West Bend Grand Prix everyone was thrilled that someone other than an Angry Squirrel won the race. By the time he won his third race of the season at his home track, Quarry Heights Raceway and the Halloween Havoc, the mood in the paddock had changed to who is this guy and why is he taking all of the trophies? And when he took home the turkey from the Turkey Trot it became obvious that Hayek is doing something special and can anyone stop him?

We had to go deep into the IndySlotCar record book to find a start as hot as the one Matt Hayek has delivered this season, with four wins in the first five races, which includes three pole positions and has made the final in all five starts. You might have thought that six time and defending Husarsbilt Cup champion Mike Lack would have one of the hottest starts, indeed he does, having won four of the first six in 2017-18 and three of the first four in 2013-14, Mark Walczak had five championships and started the 2008-09 season with four of the first six, founder and five time champion Phil Cianciola won three of the opening five races in his "Drive for Five" season of 2004-05. Larry Rotter (2003-04) and Jim Kaehny (2002-03) both opened seasons taking three of five, but it was a guy who has yet to win a championship who turns out to have the only other start to a season to match Hayek's and that is Dan Margetta in 2001-02 when he opened with four wins in the first five events, Margetta would ultimately finish one point behind Larry Rotter for the Husarsbilt Cup that year.

It wasn't obvious that Hayek would take his fourth win at the beginning of the night as his string of three pole positions came to an end and wound up fourth on the grid. Home town favorite Dan Margetta collected his series-record tying 48th pole of his career and set a new track record of 2.902 seconds. As it would happen, the heats were filled from fastest to slowest, pitting Margetta, second fast qualifier and defending Turkey winner Mike Lack and Mike Kristof. What should have been a display of speed and race craft by experienced and winning drivers turned into a mess as first pole sitter Margetta and then defending champ Lack "de-slotted" out of the event before halfway finishing tenth and eleventh on the night respectively and allowing Kristof to advance to a second straight final four.

The second heat featured the middle of the field and that included Hayek and his Alter Ego Racing teammate Dean Strom, Bill Black, returning for the first time this season and the other Angry Squirrel Speedsport driver, John Wiedemann. Unlike the first heat this one featured competition and would go the distance as Hayek held off Black for the win, but Black would advance to final as the second place car with the most laps. Strom and Wiedemann would exit early on de-slots, Wiedeman seventh and Strom ninth.

The final heat saw the return of Ev Kamikawa for the first time all season along with Tom Spehert, Pete Dorn and Joe Heitz. Spehert would start out with the lead while both Dorn and Heitz racked up early de-slots, Kamikawa would battle back to the lead and would stay there, while Heitz attempted to make a comeback but ended his night early with his third deslot while running second, Spehert and Dorn would finish the race, the only two to do so that didn't make the final and finish fifth and sixth.

Kamikawa entered the final with six previous wins at the Turkey Trot, the most wins by any driver at any event, joined by Bill Black. meaning half of the finalists were making their season debut. Hayek and Kristof dueled two weeks earlier at the Halloween Havoc and as we know, Hayek got the better of that one, Kristof would jump out to an early lead in this final, but the handling did not match his speed and he would exit early with his final de-slot in fourth, just past half way Bill Black brought his Black-Atom Racing #7 into the pits, but the car was smoking and the engine had to be shut down, finishing the night third. Kamikawa meanwhile, inherited second place, but had two de-slots in short succession and the race ended there, as the last driver standing Hayek won his third race in a row and his fourth in 19-20 extending his Husarsbilt Cup points lead to a gaudy 77 over Mike Lack. In fact, the most points possible at each race is 52, 50 for a win, one for a pole position and one for a heat win, which means through five races 260 points would be the maximum available, Matt Hayek has 244, just 16 short of perfect.

Next up, the Lucky Bob's Challenge, an event only held a handful of times in the series' history, so it's a wild card as to who might have an advantage, but it would seem like the #15 Alter Ego Racing Honda will have something to say about it.


Matt Hayek

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