Lack Slams The Door In Vegas

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(Greendale, WI) -- After a series of races where it looked like Mike Lack might be opening the door to challengers to the Husarsbilt Cup championship lead, the victory at the Stardust 500 slammed any such hopes shut. A dominating win and his closest rival and teammate, John Wiedemann, finishing fifth lets Lack take an 80 point lead into the final three events of the season. Short of not making an appearance at a coupe of races, the "Drive for Five" seems to be well in hand.

The defending champ showed early on he was bringing his "A"-game to this race, landing the pole position and setting a new track record for a single qualifying lap of 1.763 seconds on the D-shaped Stardust Speedway.  Mike Fitzlaff made a rare appearance on the front row in qualifying, but would quickly fall to the back of the field, while Pete Dorn showed surprising speed, qualifying fourth and advancing to this third career final and second final-four in a row, while never challenging for the lead, he easily held off veterans Tom Spehert and Matt Hayek.  Hayek was awarded the Hard Charger prize after moving from ninth in qualifying to fourth place at the checkers, while Tom Spehert stepped up to the final for the first time since the opening round at the Mini Milwaukee Mile.

Mike Kristof made the only early exit of the night with a crash out his heat race. John Wiedemann attempted to bump Dorn out of the transfer spot to avoid his sixth fifth place finish of the season.  Chris Spehert made a solid run to sixth place, but said his sights are set on the HO Indy 500. Amy Butler made little noise at a track she has dominated recently, winning the fall Stardust race. Ev Kamikawa was taken to the infield care center after climbing out of his car after complaining of feeling ill in the cockpit.


The Founder's Five Announced

IndySlotCar Series Founder Phil Cianciola

Wauwatosa, WI -- As IndySlotCar nears the beginning of the 25th season, it seemed only appropriate to highlight the long history of the series by naming a trophy for the man who is responsible for the whole thing even being in existence, Phil Cianciola. With the blessing of the retired five-time series champion, the Founder's Five for the Cianciola Trophy will be a championship within the championship this season based on the points collected at the oldest events on the calendar. As Cianciola himself agreed, these events present a classic mix of the fun and competition that has been the hallmark of series he founded as the PPPG HO IndyCar Series. Starting with the season opener, The Trokan Cup 500 (a trophy named for Phil's maternal grandfather, Joe Trokan) a race that has been held on the Mini Milwaukee Mile for 22 seasons, followed by the holiday races: which were the impetus for the series' original schedule 25 seasons ago, Halloween Havoc (23 previous Halloween races have been held), the Turkey Trot and the Christmas Classic (22 yuletide races run) and finally the grand-daddy of them all the HO Indy 500! Only the 500 and the Turkey Trot have survived to be run in all 25 IndySlotCar seasons. With the teams and drivers free to run any car that has entered an IndySlotCar race from the previous 24 years, it should be exciting and memorable season, starting in just 14 days!


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